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Precision cordless high torque wrench

torcbrain™ C-series

With the C-Series, torcbrain™ is taking its cordless
bolting technology to an unprecedented level:


  • Lightweight and ergonomically balanced.
  • Simple operator interface
  • Efficient P-Set selection


  • Intuitive finding level due to sensitive speed controller
  • More bolts per charge through recuperation
  • Latest battery technology
  • Intelligent motor controller
  • Fast BLDC-Motor


  • Rehit-detection: abort when already tightened screws
    are detected tightened screws
  • Integrated torque transducer (optional)
  • Two-hand start


  • torcbrain™-Cloud: management, programming, remote support.
  • Direct connection to mobile devices (secured WIFI)

torcbrain™ cordless-high torque wrench: innovative, reliable, precise.

Developed and manufactured in Germany.

Proven torcbrain™-technologies

  • torcbrain™-boltinmg technology from a single source: torcbrain™-motor controller, gearbox and software combine 25 years of experience and comprehensive knowledge in bolting technology in one convincing product
  • Universal application due to a balanced diameter / length ratio of the gears
  • Outstanding efficiency, long service life and highest precision due to components with roller bearings
  • Low power-to-weight ratio and best possible balance for fatigue-free operation
  • Reliable and fast Brushless-Motor
  • Metabo (CAS-Alliance)™ battery-technology

torcbrain™-Cloud: The centre for torque-wrench management

  • Encrypted management of multiple screwdrivers in the cloud (server location: EU)
  • Bolting results, achieved shut-off values, screwdriving curves and more are stored tamper-proof and automatically in the wrench and the cloud (option).
  • Multi-level security concept: encrypted communication; access control by password
  • Export of the bolting results


  • Online support and remote on-site service to detect problems (Internet required)
  • Reliable firmware updates (according to EU directive)

Process-safe wrench control

  • Direct torque measurement (optional) with torque sensor at the output (reaction torque)
  • Angle of rotation can be used as a control variable
  • Rehit detection: safe detection of already tightened screws and immediate abort to avoid overtightening
  • Intelligent battery management for full utilisation of battery capacity
  • Continuous documentation and evaluation of wrench status and bolting results
  • Kontinuierliche Dokumentation und Auswertung des Schrauberzustandes und der Schraubergebnisse
  • Storage of tamper-proof data in the screwdriver and in the cloud (2024)

Process-safe operating concept

  • Simple selection of ready-made P-sets for common screw connections (VDI/DIN-EN) on the screwdriver.
  • Intuitive creation of additional P-Sets on mobile devices via WiFi (without additional APP / software).
  • P-sets that are not required can be hidden for clarity
  • Visual feedback (green = OK / red = error) through coloured illumination of the screwdriving point after switch-off.

Smart torcbrain™ battery powered high-torque wrench
for your critical applications

Connectivity of torcbrain™ battery powered high-torque wrenches

The diagram shows the current connection options of the screwdriver with the outside world. The connection to the screwdriver is made via a normal web browser (Chrome, Firefox). No app or third-party software needs to be installed. The programming and parameterisation of the screwdriver is done comfortably via devices with sufficiently large displays. The touch screen of the screwdriver is used to display and select programmes and other information.

  • Direct connection via WIFI-Direct (no internet required) with mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, notebook). Access is platform-independent with a web browser.
  • Connection via computers connected to the company network (no Internet required). For this purpose, the wrench must be integrated into the company network.

Features and technical data of
torcbrain™ Akku-Hochmomentschraubern 

Features / Typ C CD
Brushless Motor
torque transducer
current driven shut off
limit values
Standard protocol
torque graph protocol option
two hand start option option
WIFI (HTTPS/WPA3 secured)
torcbrain Cloud



Max. torque


incl. Akku/DMA [kg]
square drive  A
TB250 C/CD 250 36 4,2 3/4″/1/2″ 276 60
TB400 C/CD 400 24 4,2 3/4″ 276 60
TB1000 C/CD 1000 7 5,3 3/4 323 70


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